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The “New Trend” to Hire a Sleep Coach

If I could list the people who ask me where I was more than 15-20 years ago when they needed the help of a Sleep Coach I would, but what I can say is that 3 out of 5 families with children suffer from sleep problems and 1 out of 5 families will look for the solution and change, sadly the others will carry the night awakenings for a long time. 

We find that suddenly the famous “Sleep Training” is fashionable or it will be that we made it fashionable, and I include myself now Liliana Amaro-International Coach of Child Sleep that in my desperation to sleep look for experts in the field to get out my chronic sleep deprivation that was leading me to madness,  if I searched and searched for months for someone who could help me and I found it. If I was one of the first two Spanish speakers who was certified in Australia along with a small group of women who had the same intention of helping many families sleep well.

In 2012 and with the help of social networks and the internet this type of help has become more popular and it has been possible for us to reach many parts of the world. Personally, it is a pride to be able to help many families who are already in a desperate situation for not sleeping, but I also think it is important to educate those who do not know much what can happen when we have a baby who does not sleep much.

But what is a Sleep Coach and how can he help you? A coach is that is an expert guide in the field and can help you sleep better, analyze, and review your family situation helping you solve the root problem by coupling with your lifestyle and customs. Formulate a plan with objectives to meet with a time limit. All Sleep Coaches are different and have different methodologies, it is advisable to look carefully and review the testimonials that exist to make the perfect decision.  The cost can also vary depending on the region, popularity, demand, and follow-up time. Before hiring a Sleep Coach, make sure of the formality of the person by reviewing social networks, web and even using Google.

When someone needs to sleep, you hear the famous phrase that “you could pay anything for a single night of complete sleep” so, if you are thinking that the investment is effective, yes, it is and we can assure you that it will be the best invested money because you will be recovering what you thought lost forever, Sleep!

Zzleep My Baby has different services that have been refined thanks to the experience and dedication to the families with whom we have worked worldwide, in addition to having bilingual services and presence as a registered consultancy in Mexico, Europe, USA, and Australia.

More than a fashion it is a need that has been placed in society to make life east, with the advent of Sleep Coaching, families feel more confident and satisfied with their first months and years as parents. Knowing that someone can save you those sleepless nights is something magnificent that many grannies would have liked to have.

About the author

Liliana Amaro

International Children Sleep Coach
(Breastfeeding Advisor, Child Massage Instructor, Baby Sign Language Instructor)

I’m Liliana Amaro the founder of Zzleep My Baby and certified as Child & Baby Sleep Consultant, Brisbane based; but currently servicing Internationally covering many regions in Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia. Zzleep my baby was established to provide support to parents with newborn babies, infants, toddlers, twins and kids under 10 who struggle to sleep at night.

Born in México City, Mother of three Zelda, Inka and León. My journey as Baby Sleep Consultant began with the arrival of my first daughter Zelda, as a first-time mum was excited for her arrival, but of course never researched about infant sleep routines. When she was born, I dedicated myself to care for her day and night, without any experience or help got a general advice from the hospital and I began to wake up and feed my daughter every three hours even when she was asleep, I did this for months. My exhaustion and tiredness were extreme, as a result, Zelda got into the habit of waking several times during the night and as she grew up the night wakings were much more frequent, also it was not possible for her to sleep or resettle without being rocked or fed; more months passed, and I began to suffer extreme sleep deprivation. I used to work full time as an Architect, and it was extremely hard to keep my concentration and complete my tasks while being so tired.

One day sitting at my desk exhausted and almost in tears, I decided to end this situation. I researched for help finding a Sleep Consultant expert that since that moment changed my life forever. Whit her methodology I learned different sleep gentle techniques. We applied the most suited method and followed a sleep routine and plan as close as we could and in less than two weeks, we all were sleeping, Zelda learned to sleep on her own and self-settle.

In March 2015 I completed my certification by learning the techniques and methodologies created by the Coach that helped me, since then I have been fortunate to help several families in many parts of the world (Australia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Lebanon etc.) with newborns, twins, babies, and children up to 5 years old sleep alone and throughout the night. Within the skills as a sleep consultant, we can help a baby to leave the pacifier, avoid continuous awakenings, resetting naps, sleep time without

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