Souls Don't Get Wrinkles

Souls Don’t Get Wrinkles

You know how when you look in the mirror and you can’t believe that the aging face you see in front of you is yours? Well, there’s a good reason for that. It is because our souls don’t get wrinkles. The cause of our disbelief is that our real selves are not aging – only our physical bodies are. Our souls, the essence of who we truly are don’t get wrinkles, they remain as infinitely vibrant as ever. Time is kind of meaningless to our souls anyway. They can just go right on shining radiantly once our bodies are no longer attached to them.

How do we feel when we get wrinkles?

When we get wrinkles there is a disconnect we feel. This feeling of disconnect when we see our wrinkles and graying hair is a genuine one. This disconnect helps us to recognize that our bodies are not our truest selves. The real you isn’t aging at all, and it never will. Our souls are timeless- they don’t get wrinkles. Other reminders help us recognize that we are essentially souls clothed in bodies.

When we are overeating (and we all know when we are overeating), it is a great opportunity to ask ourselves an elucidating question, “Is it my body that is hungry or my soul?” This one simple question can bring a lot more clarity into our lives. It assists us in becoming aware that the inner emptiness causing overeating (or overindulging in any addiction) comes from our souls that need more joyful nourishment. Addictions let us know that we need more pleasure and meaning in our lives, but it’s only the greatest kind of pleasure that is genuinely able to fill the inner emptiness.

Ways We Can Bring Pleasure to Our Lives

Reaching out to beings lonelier than us, spending time appreciating our natural world, and focusing on the blessings in our lives, are just a few of the infinite number of ways we can bring more of the lasting type of pleasure into our lives. And before you toss it away, even a tiny seed that you find inside of fruit can serve as a wondrous reminder.

When the seed’s outer layer withers, its inner essence is revealed.  That’s the part with the potential to blossom eternally.
So, the next time you feel disconnected from the image staring back at you in your mirror, the next time
you find yourself overeating or doing some other addictive behavior – or even just noticing the endless
potential of a tiny seed – you can see each as a reminder to recognize the forever unwrinkled you. Look at them as chances to reconnect with who you are at your core, your invincible soul.

Bracha Goetz is the Harvard-educated author of 41 books that help souls shine:

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Bracha Goetz

Bracha Goetz is not your typical Harvard grad – she’s the author of 40 picture books that help children grow spiritually, inspiring each uniquely beautiful soul to shine.

Her books make life’s deepest concepts clear – in a delightfully simple way – as children find big ideas in little words. Contact us at to book Bracha Goetz for consultations, coaching, or presentations.

(BTW, ever wonder why these bios are written in the “third person”? It’s so it looks like she wasn’t the one writing this about herself – but she really was! :)

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