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Nutrition Hacks for Mums to Stay in Amazing Shape

Summer is such a great time to eat clean. It’s the perfect time to get in shape so you feel confident when it’s time to get into those swimmers during the hot Summer months. 

Former Miss Universe and Vmores ambassador, Laura Dundovic knows a hack or two about staying in shape. 

Laura shares her top tips to stay in amazing shape while being healthy below: 

  1. Make your own salad dressings! Olive oil, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar are great ingredients to work with!
  2. Keep hydrated! A lot of the time when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty so keep up the water especially on beach days!
  3. Make sure you’re taking probiotic supplements. I love supplements because they give your body what it needs. I have what I would call a pretty balanced diet but have had blood tests before where I was deficient in certain areas so I love taking something easy like Vmores daily to make sure I’m looking after myself. Vmores Dash is a fantastic probiotic that helps with the regulation of immune system function. The thing I love about Vmores is that they are freeze-dried, so they keep 95-100% of the original nutrients in and the nasties out! The products also have a shelf like of up to 2 years! It is so exciting that Vmores is pioneering this technology in Australia and I am so happy to be a part of it. It took over 1,000 product trials and 3 years to get the product right!
  4. Try to train at least four times a week and do a mix of cardio and weights. I go to the gym and do weights or circuits when I’m home and run when I travel. I like to do a mix of running, HIIT and weights at the gym to make sure I target all areas. I work all parts of the body and also do things like dancing or play basketball, swim or bike ride. Anything to keep moving because I love it!
  5. Preparation is key! Make sure you have healthy treats in the fridge instead of chocolate. You could even make your own healthy snacks such as hummus and carrot sticks.
  6. Try to make sure you’re eating a balance across the week of everything. If you know tonight is a heavy dish, plan that tomorrow will be lighter. If you’ve had a hard day of training, you can have a bigger meal, for example.
  7. If it gets too hot over Summer, work out indoors! Or if you love running, go for a soft sand run by the water. I do it on the hottest of days and the sea breeze keeps you cool and you can finish with a swim – it’s the best feeling.
About the author

Laura Dundovic

Laura Dundovic is an Australian model, television presenter, actor and MC.

One of the most recognized faces in the Australian media landscape, Laura first came to attention when she was crowned Miss Universe Australia in 2008. Laura went on to compete in the international competition where she placed in the top 10. On returning from the world pageant she completed her psychology degree at Macquarie University.

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5 rounds of

  • 5 inch worms
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 squats
  • 30s – 1min plank
  • 30s – 1min bridge