How To: Gifting Natural Products this festive season (and why it’s a good idea)

Natural Products are all the rage nowadays.

It’s trendy, hip and firmly sets you as one of the in-crowd.

But, let’s forget all the superficial reasons for a moment and ponder on why gifting your loved ones with Natural Products this season of giving is the best idea you could ever have!


Planet Earth needs some loving too!

Many opponents of the use of Natural Products cite a drain on the earth’s resources as one of the main reasons we should steer clear of the use of them.

Besides the fact that this argument fails to see the other ominous side of the coin (such as polluting our waterways and soils with unhealthy and harmful chemicals and unnatural substances), it also doesn’t have its facts entirely correct.


Organics are patient …

Organic based products are made from ingredients that work with nature rather than against her!

What this means is that the ingredients found in these types of products are grown the way Nature always intended, with patience, tenderness and loving care – without being rushed. Without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and growth hormones, and are given the time to grow the way they are meant to – without stress.


Organic are most likely fresher than their non-organic counterparts …

As organics by their very nature steer clear of most pesticides, they have to be sold and consumed faster, so you and your family are using and consuming them a lot faster than their non-organic alternatives.


Organic Farming protects Mother Nature …

Organic Farming is a lot better for the environment. When farmers use organic procedures, they are working towards reducing pollution, energy consumption and soil erosion while increasing soil fertility and conserving water. As natural forms of produce protection are deployed (such as the use of naturally found Neem), there is an added layer of protection for natural wildlife and people who live close to farms, making it better for the community and more sustainable for the environment as well.


Organic Products stay away from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) …

Also commonly referred to as Genetically Engineered produce, GMOs have had their DNA altered via science in ways that do not naturally occur in Nature or via traditional forms of crossbreeding.

This is done to be resistant to normally, natural occurring pests.

The prolonged use of noted toxic herbicides such as Glyphosate (often referred to as Roundup) has increased by 15 times since GMOs came into use! The World Health Organisation (WHO) has gone on record to state that glyphosate is likely carcinogenic to us even though there is still some controversy surrounding the exact level of health risks posed by the use of it.


Our increased exposure to pesticides also increases our risks …

Prolonged and continued exposure to pesticides can lead to numerous health issues including birth defects, headaches as well as increased strain on already compromised immune systems, just to mention a few!

Some studies have revealed that pesticides may increase the risk of certain cancers such as brain tumors, lymphoma, breast and prostate cancer and leukemia.

Fetuses and children are most at risk of health issues related to pesticide usage as their brains, bodies and immune systems are still developing, and may result in developmental delays, autism, motor dysfunction, immune system compromise and other behavioural disorders.

Pregnant women are also more at risk because of the increased stress pesticide exposure may cause on already overworked organs and harmful material is easily passed from mother to child through breast milk and even while in the womb.

Furthermore, the widespread distribution of pesticides has also fueled the creation of super bugs and super weeds which can only be destroyed through the use of extremely poisonous toxins such as Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid.


Give the Gift of Love this Festive Season – For you and your loved ones!

We hope we’ve been able to convince you of the relevance and importance of Natural Products not just this season but throughout the year.

In these trying times for our planet, with increased uncharacteristic seasonal shifts that occur a lot more quickly and frequently than they used to in the “good old days” and the added pressure and increased general consensus on the very real effects of climate change, what we do as individuals has never been so important.

Helping to spread the awareness of the use of products that are more aligned with nature and using them yourselves should have a good trickledown effect for this beautiful earth we are all so fortunate to call home, not only ensuring that there’s one left for our children and all living beings but also ensuring that we are left with an environment that is healthy and fresh, just the way we are used to.

Will you be gifting natural products this festive season?

P.S. If we’ve inspired you to give Mother Nature some lovin’ this festive season, you may want to take a first step in the right direction with our absolutely FREE checklist for Natural Hair here – go on, you have nothing to lose!

About the author


Mituri believes you never stop learning which is why she believes there is still more to know about when it comes to Mother Nature. As a previous Journalist, PR Specialist, Editor and Reviewer, she has worked for News Corp as a Journalist, Editor and IT Specialist, a variety of online mediums and local newspapers as well as for Australia’s second largest Publishing House, Express Publications. These days she’s doing PR (amongst many other roles like nearly every entrepreneur on the planet) for her Organic based/Certified Organic brand Nim-Véda Australia ( Go check it out.

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