Family friendly activities

Family friendly activities to try

There is no doubt that keeping your kids busy is a task of its own. You find them an activity, sometimes they will keep at it for hours, sometimes they get bored after 2 minutes so it’s always a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve.

Here are a few family friendly ideas to keep your kids busy and your family having fun, memory-making experiences together

Blow off some steam at Ninja Parc
If you want the kids to stay busy, Ninja Parc is the answer. There is nothing quite like having a real indoor obstacle course where your family can channel their inner Ninja Warrior and pretend to be just like the girls and guys on TV.

Ninja Parc is an indoor obstacle course suitable for people from the ages of 3 up and it is designed to inspire a world of movement. Not only is it great fun, but it is also good for improving problem-solving skills, encouraging attention to focus on balance and agility. It also taps into the very essence of children which is adventure. Ninja Parc offer 1 hour passes which the whole family can participate in, they also have 3-hour school holiday programs which are fully supervised so you can drop them off and enjoy some me-time.

There are also weekly classes, including parkour and more!
So if you want to get the kids active, keep them entertained or even have a fun activity for an occasion like a birthday, Ninja Parc is worth adding to the list.

Explore parks far and wide
It’s getting a little cooler which makes it the perfect time to utilise the beautiful parks and playgrounds that we have in Australia. Why not get in the car, go for a drive and stop at one that looks fun for the family. Pack a picnic and get the kids involved in making and organising the food. It is a great way to explore a new area, keep the family entertained and also get the kids to learn about preparing for outings.

If you are lucky enough to find a place that has a lot of beautiful plants and animals, you can also make a lesson out of your walk by asking kids to identify certain flora and fauna. You may also like to have a check-list for kids to spot certain items and therefore keep them engaged in the activity.

Painting day
Painting is brilliant for helping your kids unleash their creativity.
Why not try to pick up some colouring books, some canvas or some of the animal plasters at Big W/ K Mart for the kids to paint? Having a nice arts and crafts activity is a good way to keep them entertained but also satisfied with the day. Plus they have something to hang up in their rooms when they are done.

Water park
While massive theme parks are only located in certain areas, there are a lot of smaller water parks with pools and slides all over the country and they are an extremely fun day out for kids, as well as being affordable. Like with Ninja Parc, it’s such as fun day of activity that the kids won’t even realising that they are somewhat “exercising” and burning some energy.

Cake decorating or biscuit decorating
Baking is not only a great life skill for kids to learn, but  it is also loads of fun! Try making a cupcake or biscuits and then have some extras that they can decorate the baking with. Get some fruit, nuts, coconut cream or mascarpone. There is no much you can use. Chop up a few things and let them get creative with their decorations

About the author

Mitch Bird, Ninja Parc National Programs Manager

Mitch’s passion for training and movement began at eight years old when he first competed in martial arts. He was destined to work in the health and fitness industry, opening and running four taekwondo centres in Newcastle as a young adult. This provided a great basis for his roles as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, fitness manager, club manager and gym owner.

Mitch’s focus at Ninja Parc is to develop and drive programs, including school and holiday programs, adult and kids group training, birthday parties, and casual play experiences. He loves helping Ninja Parc franchisees build their own thriving communities, in turn inspiring thousands of Australians to find joy in movement.

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5 rounds of

  • 5 inch worms
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 squats
  • 30s – 1min plank
  • 30s – 1min bridge